Planning Commission

Perry Village Planning Commission meeting for July 1st has been moved to July 22.

The purpose of the Planning Commission is to initiate and recommend the zoning ordinance (text and maps) to Village Council for formal adoption. To review requests for Conditional Use Permits, review all Planned Unit Development applications and review all special uses with regards to the the Ordinance. They carry on a continuous review of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Ordinance and recommend changes or amendments they find appropriate.

The Planning Commission is composed of five (5) members who reside in the incorporated area of the Village, and include the Mayor, a member of Village Council who is appointed by the Council and three (3) additional citizens of the Village appointed by the Mayor. The resident members serve six (6) year terms arranged so one member expires every second year.

Planning Commission meets first Wednesday each month , 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall Municipal Center as needed.